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Midnight Sun Randonnée




Entry - 1st October 2023

Ride - 16th June 2024

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Sign up to the third edition of Midnight Sun Randonnée, an epic round trip across the Scandinavian peninsula. Follow river valleys, lake shores and fjords. Cross coniferous forests, marchlands, snow-capped mountains and the Arctic Circle. Experience 24-hour daylight conditions during the summer solstice.

Two stages are new for 2024. There’ll be an additional secret checkpoint and no gravel section. MSR does not require qualification but we recommend that inexperienced riders complete a BRM 400 before the event. We don’t ask for signed medical certificates, however as with organised events in general, we do require that participants have a third-party insurance in case of an accident on the ride.

The ride starts an hour before midnight at sunset on Sunday the 16th of June. Cyclists who maintain an average speed of 18-20 km/h including stops will finish between midday and afternoon on Wednesday the 19th of June. Riders maintaining an average speed of 14-16 km/h including stops will finish between early morning and midday on Thursday the 20th of June, the day before Swedish Midsummer’s Eve.

The meteorological definition of spring is rising daily average temperatures between 0°C and 10°C for at least seven consecutive days. At the latitudes of the event, meteorological spring normally occurs in late April and early May. Meteorological summer occurs when the daily average temperature has been at least 10°C during five consecutive days. In the mountains, meteorological spring turns into meteorological summer during the event in mid-June.

The daytime temperatures on lowland terrain will be around 15 – 20°C which will drop to 10 – 5°C at altitudes above the tree line. Night temperatures on low-lying terrain: 10 – 5°C. Above the tree line, night temperatures stay around 5 – 0°C.

Name: Midnight Sun Randonnée

Entry limit: 200

Entry date: From 1st October

Start address: Brännland Inn, Brännland 35 Umeå

Finish address: Scandic Plaza Umeå, Storgatan 40 Umeå

Start time: 23:05 – 00:05 CEST (No start groups)

Start date: Sunday 16 June 2024 (end date: Thursday 20 June)

Min.- /Maximum time: 40:47 – 90:00 hours

Number of checkpoints: 11 (+2 secret checkpoints and start/finish) 

Checkpoints: Granö, Lycksele, Vilhelmina, Kittelfjäll, Hattfjelldal, Mo i Rana, Arctic Circle, Vuoggatjålme, Arjeplog, Sorsele, Åmsele

Length of course: 1 213 km (as calculated by Strava):

Elevation gain: 11 737 m (highest point 740 m a s l) 

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