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About Me

  • I started long distance riding in the 90s, in Scotland, UK.

  • I have been participating in audax rides since 2007.

  • I am from the UK but I have been living near Brussels since 2012.

  • I organise 2 or 3 audax/randonneur rides from Tervuren per year.

  • I cover approximately 8000 kilometers per year by bike.

  • I am no expert, but I do enjoy making and riding routes.

  • I hope you enjoy some of the routes. Feedback is always welcome!

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About these rides

  • All the rides have been ridden and checked by me (but please read the disclaimer).

  • For the official audax BRM rides, please check the randonneurs home page for the next organised ride.

What is Audax?

Audax -


noun: audax; plural noun: audaxes

  • a type of long-distance road cycling event in which participants must navigate a route within a specified period of time.* In reality, the maximum speed allowed (to prevent a race) is an average of 30kph. The minimum is 15kph.

  • BRMs - audxes or randonneurs - are set at standard distances, with a maximum allowance of 5% over distance. The maximum time to complete the distances are as follows - 

       200 km             =          13 hours 30
       300 km             =          20 hours
       400 km             =          27 hours
       600 km             =          40 hours
     1000 km             =          75 hours        

  • No allowance is made for events that are slightly longer than the official distance. For example, the time limit for a 315km ride would be the same as for a 300km ride, at 20 hours.

  • Once the clock starts, it does not stop. Included in the average is food and control stops, any mechanical issues you might have, sleeping (on 600k rides, for example) and no extra time is given for the hills or weather conditions.


For example - If the first control is 60k from the start and the start time is 8am, then the control opens at 10am and closes at midday. 

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